Western Digital Data Recovery: WDC ROM MODEL

           In this case you cannot boot from your Western Digital hard drive or cannot read or detecting it. And if you have a look at the BIOS, it will say your Western Digital hard disk as WDC ROM MODEL--HAWK 8.0 GB or WDC ROM MODEL--SABRE or WDC ROM MODEL-MAMMOTH or something like that.

Your actual Experience
A knocking/scratching/clicking sound always from WD HDD (RD/WR heads knocking on magnetic discs).
You may get some burned smell or some smoke from the HDD.
By checking in the BIOS, HDD is showed as  "WDC ROM MODEL--......."
Most times the HDD is not showing/ detecting in BIOS.
Sometimes the Drive capacity says 6.2 GB ( WDC ROM MODEL UNICORN 6.2 GB)
By trying to boot with the damaged HDD the system start-up process will struck at BIOS.
Sometimes the BIOS will say "Hard drive not recognized" or "Disk Boot failure".

Actual Reason
Most time its due to burned the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) inside the WD HDD.
Burned due to over heating the HDD.
May be a fault Power supply (SMPS) fault input voltage.
Heat from the SMPS is spreads to HDD drive.

Possible Recovery Methods
Replace the burned PCB with another WD HDD's PCB (same model & same capacity).
But the recovery chance is about 20% only by swapping the PCB.

A 90% recovery is possible by consulting a WD HDD Data recovery specialist.

Preventing future Failures
change the power supply cable.
change power supply (SMPS).
Check cooling systems (fan, sinc etc).
Check the cooling fan of SMPS.
Check over all temperature inside the cabinet.
Better keep the Cabinet inside a air conditioned room.
Do a regular backup for better data recovery.

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