Buy iPhone 3GS For Rs 9,999 From Aircel In India

Now the Apple iPhone experience is now starts from just Rs 9,999 in india. Aircel started selling Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB model for just Rs 9,999 for Aircel's existing and new post paid customers only. The actual price of Apple iPhone 3GS without this offer is now about Rs 21,000 in india. 
With this deal you have to pay an advanced rental of Rs 3,000 with Rs 9,999 this offer(Rs 12,999), but you will get 1year unlimited 2G/3G data plans worth Rs 3,000 back. Users can enjoy unlimited 3G data for 1 year at 3.6Mbps speed. In 3G circles users would be eligible to access 3G internet at upto 3.6Mbps upto 2GB limit and thereafter unlimited internet access at 128kbps. In 2G only circles users can enjoy 2,500 unlimited local and national SMS and 100min local and STD calls and unlimited data at 2G speeds for 6 months.

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