Configure DHCP Server in Linux

This configuration will work on all RPM based linux distributions (Redhat,Fedora,CentOS,etc.)

Steps to install and configure a DHCP Server

Step1: Install dhcp packages
[root@server ~#]yum install dhcp

Step2: Edit the dhcp configuration file located in /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf
[root@server ~#]vi /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf
#[Note: The lines to add or edit in dhcpd.conf file is colored brown. Enable the lines by removing ‘#’ if required and edit. Allways backup the configuration file before editing.]

#Add your domain name
option domain-name    ””;

#Add DNS  server addresses(for clients)
option domain-name-servers,;

#Set lease time
default-lease-time 600;

#set maximum lease time
max-lease-time 7200;

#activate dhcp server

#Add your ip address pool in below format. In this example network and ip address pool is  to 250 for clients,gateway=
subnet netmask {
  range dynamic-bootp;
  option broadcast-address;
  option routers;

#This is the way to Reserve an ip address  for a special client named Accounts . [ MAC address based reservation]. Here 00:E0:5D:A0:6A:0C is the mac address of accounts pc’s NIC card(optional).
host Accounts {
  hardware ethernet 00:E0:5D:A0:6A:0C;

Step3: Start dhcp service
[root@server ~#]service dhcpd start

Step4: Add dhcp service to startup
[root@server ~#]chkconfig dhcpd on

Step5: To do in client computers
Set Obtain ip automatically in all windows and “Use DHCP” in linux client computers.

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