Troubleshoot Linux TigerVNC server Errors

If you having a Linux box with a VNC server and having any problem with VNC server to start,  try this..
This is mainly a solution for if VNC server did not shutdown properly(power failure) and after starting the VNC server VNC service will not start properly by boot. And also will fail of stoping and start again.

Step1: Review the system log in /var/log/messages.

Step2: Review vnc log file of users in  /home/<username>/.vnc/<hostname>:<display Number>.log
eg:   /home/user/.vnc/hostname:5.log

Step3: If cannot find the reason from log files, then try to remove the "X" files located in   /tmp/.X11-unix
Stop VNC server first. then goto /tmp/.X11-unix/ directory and delete the files named "X<display number>" 
(If your VNC server runs with display number 2 and 3 then delete files X2 and X3 )            
[Important: Do not Delete file named 'X0']
[root@server ~#]rm /tmp/.X11-unix/X2
[root@server ~#]rm /tmp/.X11-unix/X3

Step4: Now try to restart the vnc server 
[root@server ~#]service vncserver start

Stop VNC Displays Individually
Also can try by stoping individual VNC windows by below command ( first logout from root, and login as the appropriate user, here vnc display 1 is for user "james")
[james@server ~#]vncserver -kill :1            (this command will kill the window number 1)
[james@server ~#]vncserver :1                     (to start again)

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