Add static routes in Windows

Steps to add static routes in windows
This post will help you to manage multiple gateways in a PC. Eg: if you have two gateways and And you need to add static route to a diffrent network through gateway

Steps to followStep1: Login as Administrator and add all required gateways to NIC settings (use automatic metric)

Step2: run command prompt (or run as administrator in a normal user account)

Step3: To display the current route table.
C:\>route print
(verify the gateways added in step 1 is displayed in Gateway column)

Step4:add route to destnation network( through gateway
follow below format:
C:\>route<space>add<space><destination n/w><space>mask<space><destination n/w mask><space><gateway>
eg: route add mask

Step5: To verify the added route in routing table
C:\>route print
Done, now connect to your destination network...

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