Configure Telnet Server/Client in Linux

Steps to enable telnet server/client  in Linux OS (redhat, fedora, centos, etc)

Step1: install telnet package
[root@server ~#]yum install telnet-server

Step2: Edit telnet configuration file located in /etc/xinetd.d/telnet
[root@server ~#]vi /etc/xinetd.d/telnet
#in the 12th line,  change value to  "no" (see below)
disable                                = no

Step3: start/restart  xinetd service
[root@server ~#]service xinetd restart

Step 4: Add xinetd service to start-up
[root@server ~#]chkconfig xinetd on

Access telnet server from Windows Clients

C:\>telnet<space><ipaddress>        (in command prompt)
eg:  C:\>telnet
and login with username and password

From linux clients
install telnet client package first.
[root@client ~#]yum install telnet

and connect to server (server ip:
[root@client ~#]telnet

[Important:By default, telnet server listens on port 23/tcp. so open the same port in firewall or How to disable firewall]

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