How to change Grub Boot Order

This is "How-to" change the default booting Operating system in the grub menu. You may have multiple OS like Windows and linux in your system and you may need the change the default booting OS to Windows or to Linux. Follow the steps if you are using a rpm based distribution.

Login as superuser and edit the grub configuration file. Don't forget to backup the grub configuration file before editing.
[root@server ~#]vi /etc/grub.conf
Your grub config file may look like below
Grub.conf configuration file

Well, On the left side is my grub.conf configuration file. I have installed Windows Server2003 and CentOS6 Server installed.  Here  default boot order is CentOS that is (default=0). 
To change the default boot order to windows 2003 server  change the value to "1" 
( OS order number starts from zero )
You can also simply change the default timeout seconds values( i used 2 seconds)

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