How to create linux custom commands

Custom commands in linux makes the administration simpler and more faster. By this way short codes can be use instead of typing long commands and need not to type fully, Its even faster than "reverse-i-search".each user can create their own commands.
For example  the command    "date"   is shorted to  "d"    and 
 "pwd"            to             "p"
"clear"            to                "c"
"vim"              to                 "v"

All you need to do is login as any user and add the custom commands to ".bashrc" file located his home directory.
[james@server ~#]vim /home/james/.bashrc

 Edit the .bashrc file  with your requirements and save, and restart the System to take effect
so you can simply type "c" instead of "clear". Any custom and short commands can be created in this way. 

linux custom commands

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