Mount windows shared folder in linux

Q: How to access windows shared folder in a Linux machine?

This is how to access and mount a windows shared folder in a linux system. You can connect to windows shared folder with username and password and mount to a local directory of linux machine.

[root@server ~#]mount -t cifs -o username=trainer // /now/mounted/
Password:                                         (password of the user "trainer" in windows server)
The above command will access the shared folder named "Files" on windows server ip: and mount it to local directory (/now/mounted/) of Linux system. You can go the mounted local directory and access shared files.
[root@server ~#]cd /now/mounted/        
[root@server ~#]ls

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cze said...

How can you access it with read/write access?

Author said...

@CZE, Read /write permission is depends with the user account you access with..

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