Disable ctrl+alt+del restarting in Ubuntu linux

Q: How to disable alt+ctrl+del restarting in Ubuntu linux?

Ubuntu will reboot when ctrl+alt+del key combination is pressed in command mode. This action is defined in /etc/init/control-alt-delete.conf

To disable ctrl+alt+del restart, edit the file and disable the line which specifies the reboot action
user@ubuntu:~$ sudo vi /etc/init/control-alt-delete.conf

# control-alt-delete - emergency keypress handling
# This task is run whenever the Control-Alt-Delete key combination is
# pressed, and performs a safe reboot of the machine.
description     "emergency keypress handling"
author          "Scott James Remnant <scott@netsplit.com>"
start on control-alt-delete
#exec shutdown -r now "Control-Alt-Delete pressed"    #(Disable this line by adding a "#" )   

#(save the file and reboot ubuntu )

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