Find ip address of a website or a domain

Q: How to find the ipaddress of a website or a domain?

Each website on the internet must have a unique IP Address. And they usually registered with a domain name like "", etc. You see that "domain name" of that website on the address bar while you browsing through a web browser. You can easily find the ip address of a website with simple commands.

Note: Make sure you are connected to internet directly(without proxies)

In windows Operating systems
Go to "Start"  -> "Run" -> and type "cmd"


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In Linux Operating systems
Go to terminal 
Usage: #host <hostname>
[root@Fedora ~]# host has address has address has address mail is handled by 10

The ping command will also work in linux distributions
Eg: # ping 

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Erick son said...


Erick son said...

Thanks for your useful information.There is another easy way to find an IP address of website by using Domain to IP service from .

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