Mac address based filtering in squid proxy

Q: How to filter mac address in squid server?
Q: How to configure a mac address based squid server?

Squid can filter Mac address of its clients. Configure mac address based ACLs in squid server. So squid will mach the Mac address of the client with the Mac ACLs and allow/deny browsing.

Create a MAC based ACL
[root@server ~]# vi /etc/squid/squid.conf
acl mac1 arp 00:e0:4d:9f:55:7d               (Mac address of client)
http_access allow mac1                          (allow browsing to above created mac acl)
#Add the above two lines to squid.conf and save the file

Restart or reload squid service
[root@server ~]# service squid restart
[root@server ~]# service squid reload

Important: Always seperate the mac address digits with colons (:). In windows operating systems mac address are shown as hyphen(-) seperated. 

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