Squid limit web connections using maxconn acl

Q: How to limit number of symultaneous web connections in squid proxy?

Use "maxconn" ACL to limit the total number of symultaneous browser connections from a proxy client. If the maxconn access list configured to 5, the client can only access 5 simultaneous browser windows at a time.

Edit the squid proxy configuration file and create a maxconn acl
[root@server ~]# vi /etc/squid/squid.conf
acl accounts src                     #create a user acl to apply maxconn
acl limit5conn maxconn 5                                  # create maxconn acl
http_access deny accounts limit5conn                #apply maxconn acl to user acl
#Now save the squid.conf configuration file

Reload or restart squid
[root@server ~]# service squid reload
[root@server ~]# service squid restart

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EnzY said...

Not exactly. One page in one browser window opens up multiple connections (in most cases more than 5) in order to simultaneously download images and other elements.

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