Change Default Squid Proxy Listening Port

Q: How to change 
Squid server default listening port?

Every network services has a particular port numbers. Same way the Squid proxy server will listen on port 3128/TCP by default. But you can change the listening port by editing the squid.conf file. And you should open the same port in squid servers firewall and in ip packet forwarding devices if required. Below is the way to change Squid listen port number.

Change Squid port number
[root@server ~]# vi /etc/squid/squid.conf
#Go to 64th line if you are using squid version 3.0 or above.
Here changed the port from 3128 to 8080 (see below)
# Squid normally listens to port 3128
http_port 8080                                     
#Now save the squid.conf file and restart squid server

Squid server listen on multiple ports
Squid server can listen on multiple ports at same time, use the below configuration
http_port 8080 9090                            
#Now squid will listen on both 8080 and 9090 ports as well.

Restart Squid server to apply new configurations
[root@server ~]# service squid restart
Stopping squid: ................                           [  OK  ]

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