Intel Launches XEON E5-2600 Family Processors

Intel introduced New range of Dual socket Server computing Processors named XEON E5-2600 series. This new range of processors capable of performance boost up to 80% faster than their previous chip in same class more Energy efficient and 30% low Latency.
The new range boasts four core @ 1.8Ghz, 10MB L3 to Eight cores @ 2.9Ghz and 16 threads with a L3 cache memory of 20MB. All supports Hyper Threading, Intel Turbo Boost Technology, Virtualization, etc. The Processor cost range is starts from $198 to $2061.
The new XEON E5-2600 range is optimized for Cloud computing, Workstations, Data centers, and all High performance required computing. 
For more Details visit Intel Official site

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