Fedora 17 Released: Major Features List And Review

Fedora 17 -Beefy Miracle
      The Fedora Project releases their latest Linux based Operating system "Fedora 17" (Alpha) on yesterday (29 May 2012). The new Operating system is absolutely free and an opensource distribution. The Fedora 17 (also called "Beefy Miracle") comes with GNOME, KDE, LXDE and Xfce Spins. also available in both 32bit and 64bit iso formats.

Now the default download will be 64bit (X86-64), If you having a 32bit compatible hardware, so you need to select "More download options..." for downloading 32bit ISO images.

      You can try the Fedora 17 OS along with your current Windows/Mac based operating systems without removing any of your files/OS. And install Fedora directly from a CD/DVD/USB Live media devices. You may need to download the iso image file of  suitable Edition and format for your hardware and burn into a CD/DVD/USB flash drive and install directly to the Disk. You can also use this as live media to try Fedora 17 without make changes to your machine.

Major features of Fedora 17
  • GNOME 3.4 and KDE 4.8
  • OpenStack, Eucalyptus and Open Nebula
  • ICC profiles for color printing and an improved gimp 2.8
  • Still more virtualization improvements
  • Improved for cloud computing
  • Support for ext4 filesystems larger than 16T
  • JBoss Application Server 7
  • Multitouch support
  • oVirt virtualization management
  • OpenStack Essex
Minimum Hardware Requirements
  • A 400Mhz or faster processor
  • Minimum 768MB of memory or higher (1GB Recommented)
  • Atleast 10GB of free Disk space for OS installation 
Download Fedora 17

Download the latest Fedora 17 from the link below. There are multiple Desktop editions are available to download. Each has different look(User Interface) and feels and offers desktop effects, themes, menus, icons and many more.
Fedora 17 GNOME (32bit & 64bit)
Fedora 17 KDE Spin (32bit & 64bit)
Fedora 17 LXDE Spin (32bit & 64bit)
Fedora 17 Xfce Spin (32bit & 64bit)
Fedora 17 DVD for Intel and AMD (32bit & 64bit)
Direct link to Download Fedora 17: http://fedoraproject.org/en/get-fedora-options 

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