4 Port USB 2.0 PCI Cards: Expand Your USB Ports

USB 2.0 PCI host controller cards can expand your current obboard USB ports. If your on boards USB ports are insufficient or not working properly, you should try a PCI card for USB ports. USB PCI cards brings you a faster, upto 480Mbps to your USB connectivity, and can transfer large amount of data with 2.0 compilant devices.

You can also use hi-speed USB devices like Scanners, Laser printers, Storage drives, HD Webcams, etc. Also USB 1.1 compilant devices also supported by USB 2.0 PCI host controller cards.All the USB 2.0 PCI cards supports plus and play installation and hot swapping feature. You dont need to install a driver for this. After inserting the Card in your motherboards PCI slot, just turn on the Power and the drivers will automaticaly installs and USB slots will be ready to use.

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