Nokia N1 Android 4.0 Features Review

And finaly as we all dreamed a Nokia device comes with an Android operating system inside. Yes the new coming "Nokia N1" comes with Android 4.0 ICS (IceCream Sanwich) preinstalled, Nokia's first Android smart phone. Also the Nokia N1 boasts a 41 mega pixel camera sensor (same as Nokia PureView Carl Zeiss sensor) and 720p HD clear black display and it device says "Pure Google". The Display specification will be 720p pixel resolution inside a 3.7 inch clear black display. Over all hardware looks like Lunia 800 with Android and PureView inside. We all was seeing Nokia comes with Symbian and Windows phone operating systems with their smart phones so far, and this will be a turning point for Nokia. 
All previous devices of Nokia with Windows phone 7 Operating systems cannot make any boom in the smart phone war with Apple,Google and Samsung.

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