Kill VNCServer Window Sessions Command

Q: How to Kill VNC Window Sessions in Linux?

Stop entire VNC service
[root@server ~]# service vncserver stop

Kill individual VNC Sessions
To stop individual VNC session, you need to first login as the user account that associated with the VNC session. For example if you assigned VNC session 1 (:1) for the user "James", login as "James" and run the below command

[james@server ~]# vncserver -kill :1

To start VNC session again
[james@server ~]# vncserver :1

Command to Start new VNC Session
[james@server ~]# vncserver :2

Find Running VNC server sessions (login as associated user first)
[james@server ~]# vncserver -list

Note: Also open firewall to allow all incoming connections (new sessions) to VNC Server.

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