Send Message to Another User Linux

Q: How to send messages to terminal users on linux command line?

Use "write" command to send messages to Linux users who logged in using terminal. It will helpful if more users are logged in to a same Linux server via terminal and they all can communicate Linux users with text messages. You can send message to a Linux user in a special tty if one user is logged with more sessions.

Command usage:
# write <recipient's username>
# write <recipient's username> <tty name>
<type your message to the user>   and press enter

[root@server ~]# write admin
Hey Admin, How are you ?

Tip: press Ctrl+z to stop and exit

How the Recipient(admin) receives the message
[admin@server ~]# 

Message from root@server on pts/1 at 18:38 ...
Hey Admin, How are you?

Send message to a user in a different tty or pts
[root@server ~]# write admin pts/2
(message will send to admin logged in pts/2 only)
Tip: Use "w" command to identify the pts/tty of a logged in user

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