Install Remote Desktop Client on CentOS6

Q: How to install remote desktop CentOS?

Installing Windows RDP remote desktop client on CentOS Linux to connect to a Windows running machines with RDP protocol.
Applicable to : CentOS6, CentOS5, CentOS4, etc.
Install remote desktop client for CentOS from YUM repository
[root@server ~]# yum -y install rdesktop

After installing rdesktop on CentOS (run commands on X window)
Command usage:
# rdesktop [Options if any] <ipaddress>
Command example:
[root@server ~]# rdesktop
[root@server ~]# rdesktop -g 900x750 -u James

Connect RDP server with a different port number (eg: port 2500)
[root@server ~]# rdesktop -u James

Available and usefull Options
-g  Desktop geometry (Window resolution)
-u  Username
-p  Password
-f  Full screen mode

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