Select Memory Card Class for your HD Camera

The class rating represents the write and read speeds of a memory card. You can check your card's class rating by checking the class symbol with class number inside.
You should check the class when you buy a memory card especially for a HD camcorder, or any HD(720p) or Full-HD(1080p) video recording devices or even a HD video capable smartphone. If you use a low class (say Class2) memory card on a Full-HD camcorder, the camcorder cannot write the HD data at its capturing speed.

This is a Class 10 Transcent's 16gb memory card in the picture--------->

Minimum and Maximum write speeds
Class2   : 2-8MB/sec Ideal for SD Video recording
Class4   : 4-15MB/sec Ideal for HD and Full-HD Video recording

Class6   : 6-20MB/sec Ideal for HD and Full-HD Video recording
Class10 : 10-30MB/sec Ideal for Full-HD Video recording and HD still consecutive recording

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