Systemctl Commands Manual Fedora linux

Useful systemctl commands to manage services and system via systemctl, Applicable in all fedora versions like Fedora 17, 16, 15, etc.

Systemctl fedora commands
Start a service via systemctl
[root@server ~#]systemctl start <daemon>.service
Note:for example to start squid use:  systemctl start squid.service

To Stop a service
[root@server ~#]systemctl stop <daemon>.service

Restart a service
[root@server ~#]systemctl restart <daemon>.service

Reload a service
[root@server ~#]systemctl reload <daemon>.service

Status of a service
[root@server ~#]systemctl status <daemon>.service

Display all service/daemon status
[root@server ~#]systemctl -a                (type "q" for quit)

Add a service to startup
[root@server ~#]systemctl enable <daemon>.service

Remove a service from startup
[root@server ~#]systemctl disable <daemon>.service

Shutdown and halt the system
[root@server ~#]systemctl halt

Shutdown and poweroff the system
[root@server ~#]systemctl poweroff

Shutdown and reboot the system
[root@server ~#]systemctl reboot

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