Recover windows boot loader after removing linux partition

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  (Windows bootloader recovery)
Q:How to remove Linux grub boot loader completely after deleting linux partition?
Q:How to recover windows boot loader after removing linux?

Follow the steps to remove grub completely and recover windows boot loader
Step1: Boot from Windows setup CD/DVD  (eg:Windows XP setup disc)

Step2: Select the "Repair" option on the first screen.

Step3: Select the windows os installed drive.
(now press "1" and press enter.

Step4: When you are prompted, type the Administrator password.
(Now you will get a small command prompt window.)

Step5: type "fixmbr" and  press enter.
Are you sure you want to write a new MBR ?
Press "y" and press enter.
The new master boot record has been written.

Step6: Type "exit" to reboot and you can boot to Windows after root.

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