Remote Desktop Connection [RDP Client] from Linux To Windows

Install the package "rdesktop" to access Windows desktop from Linux machine via RDP protocol. rdesktop is a RDP client that works with Microsoft's own RDP protocol. To access Remote desktop Linux operating systems must have X Windows (cannot access from consoles logins like Putty, Alt+Ctrl+F1, Alt+Ctrl+F2, etc).
This How-to should work in all RPM based distributions like Fedora, Redhat, CentOS, etc.
If your Linux machine has internet connection from proxy, Enable YUM Commands through a http proxy server.

Get information about rdesktop Package
[root@server ~]# yum info rdesktop
Available Packages
Name       : rdesktop
Arch       : x86_64
Version    : 1.6.0
Release    : 8.el6_0.1
Size       : 151 k
Repo       : base
Summary    : X client for remote desktop into Windows Terminal Server
URL        :
License    : GPLv2+
Description: rdesktop is an open source client for Windows NT Terminal Server and
           : Windows 2000 & 2003 Terminal Services, capable of natively speaking
           : Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) in order to present the user's NT
           : desktop. Unlike Citrix ICA, no server extensions are required.

Install rdesktop from YUM
[root@server ~]# yum -y install rdesktop

Access the Windows Desktop
Usage # rdesktop <ip address>
[root@server ~]# rdesktop

Available Command switches
-u        username
-f         Full screen
-g        Screen resolution
Eg: # rdesktop -u administrator -g 900x700

Note: You should Enable Remote desktop function in destination Windows System.

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