Windows 7 BitLocker Setup With TPM

          BitLocker is one of the most powerful security feature in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. BitLocker allows the user to encrypt an entire drive in a computer.

The bitLocker uses AES encrypting algorithms to encrypting the drive and its files inside with TPM (Trusted Platform Module). This encryption ensure the files in the drive safe even if it is lost or stolen. You can use a password or smart card to unlock an BitLocker encrypted drive.

Steps to Enable BitLocker Encryption
Go to "My computer" Right click on a drive and click on "Turn on BitLocker..."

Check "Use a password to unlock the drive" and input a new drive unlocking password.

Select "Save the recovery key to a file" (for unlocking drive if you lost the password) and save the recovery key to USB storage or any other drives and click "Next"

Now click on "Start Encrypting"  (take few minutes depending upon the volume of files)

And now the BitLocker Drive Encryption is enabled for the drive.

To unlock the Encrypted Drive and access files
Double click on the Drive and give the password (which you already set in step:2)
And click "Unlock"

BitLocker Management
             To manage BitLocker Encryption you need to right click on the BitLocker enabled drive and click on "Manage BitLockerAnd there you can Change the BitLocker unlocking password, or completely remove BitLocker password, Smart card management, download or print recovery key file, and Enabling Automatically unlock this drive only on your computer. 

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