[SOLVED] Make Deleted Datas Unrecoverable. Preventing Recovery of Deleted Data

Q: How to Make a Hard drive/USB Pendrive's deleted data Unrecoverable?

       Cipher is a command-line tool in Windows operating systems to manage A hard drive's Encryption level. You can encrypt and decrypt files and folders using Cipher.exe command tool.
Cipher tool also can permanently alter or wipe the free spaces of a drive and make its previously deleted data unrecoverable. Cipher will erase all the free spaces in the drive, So no one can recover the old and previously deleted data from that drive with any data recovery software. But the Cipher will not delete the current contents in the drive, it always erase the free space only. So you will not loose any files in the drive. Cipher tool will be pre installed with all windows operating systems. Always use this tool with a latest version of windows OS like Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista, 2008, etc.


  1. Before executing the Cipher command you should close all other running application on Windows.
  2. The process of wiping datas in the drive my take several minutes, sometimes hours, and depends on the drive volume.
  3. Only use the Cipher's "/W" switch in emergency situations.
  4. Taking a backup of your important files is recommended.  

Command Usage
C:\>cipher /W:G:\                (Here "G" is your hard drive or pendrive or a memory card)

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